Collection: Touge 200 Lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Race Battery

Save over 10kgs with Touge 200 - Latest Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Technology

All our products use the latest lithium battery technology (Lithium iron phosphate - LiFePO4). The focus here is to better the performance of a lead-acid battery at a fraction of the weight.

  • Only 2.0 kg (Typical OEM lead acid batteries weigh between 15kgs to 27kgs)
  • 30 ah (PbEq)
  • 500 CCA
  • 12.8 Volts
  • Dimensions - 175x85x155

Product Information

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Suitable for race or track cars with a battery kill switch
  • Developed in the UK
  • Tested on road and track
  • Similar size to Red Top Varley 25 and Odyssey PC680 but much better in every aspect, higher CCA and ah with a saving of almost 5kgs on these motorsports batteries
  • MSA approval in progress
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