No compromise on performance, safety and reliability

Deadweight Industries batteries have gone through extensive testing as part of the R&D cycle.  This starts at the individual cells of the battery with testing continuing through to the real-life tests on road and track.

Test name

Test conditions

Test results

Low-temperature test

24 hour in -18℃

Maintains Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) performance

High-temperature test


Maintains performance and deformation-resistant

Vibration test

Multi-axis vibration test to simulate and exceed demands of performance and race applications

Battery maintains structural integrity and performs as normal

Puncture test

High-velocity puncture by steel objects to simulate crash and impact

Fire and explosion resistant

Short-circuit test

Battery (+ -) short-circuited

Battery management system (BMS) cut off 

Rapid discharge test

Fast discharge (2C - discharge of full capacity in 30min)

Battery management system (BMS) cut off when the voltage reaches 8V to prevent over drain

Rapid charge test

Rapid overcharge (2C charge)

Battery management system (BMS) cut off when the voltage reaches 15.6V to prevent overcharging