Deadweight Industries News

  • 16kg weight reduction on the GR Yaris

    Toyota Gazoo Racing has been absolutely on fire recently with the release of numerous interesting and driver-focused sports cars. Like many of you,...
  • Bring battery tech in your Porsche 911 GT3 up to date and lose up to 17kgs

    Our "plug and play" lightweight lithium battery brings the 996, 997 and 991 generations up to date with the same lithium battery tech found in the 992 GT3 and "lightweight pack" optioned vehicles.

  • LiFePO4 Better, Lighter, Faster

    Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) literally takes battery technology to the next level

    • #LeadIsDead


      Let's bid farewell to lead... Sayōnara! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! You are truly dead to us and we'll never look back.

    • No compromise on performance, safety and reliability

      Deadweight Industries batteries have gone through extensive testing as part of the R&D cycle.  This starts at the individual cells of the batte...
    • Improving a legend - weight cutting on an E46 M3

      The BMW e46 M3 is one of the most popular cars for enthusiasts today. Some minor modifications and a weight cut make it a formidable challenger on road and track.